Reinventing Yourself

A crisis involves both danger and opportunitiess

Crises= danger + opportunity

Reinventing yourself or the need to makeover oneself can come from many causes. Job loss or change,
relationship breakdown, divorce, separation, sickness and death to name a few.
The one thing they all have in common is crisis.
It is a wake up call that something if different in your life now and a change is necessary.
The pain you are experiencing will remain until you find a way to deal with it and resolve it.
Sometimes it’s not even something you have done and you still have to respond to it.

It is in that moment when you take stock and examine both the dangers and the opportunities ( your skills, experience and talents) to reinvent
yourself that your new life or self is redefined or recreated.
It is important that you get some good advice as I say in the video and quickly.

Obvious areas to address are financial, health and wellness.
Surround yourself with a good support team to help you through the crisis whatever it is.
How you respond to the crisis and what you choose to make it mean is important too.
What can you do?
3 things to reinvent yourself.
1)Self-care: Look after yourself, get enough sleep(8.0 hours a night) enough sunlight(30 minutes/day)
drink plenty of water and eat wholesome foods.Exercise (30 minutes/day) even walking for this time will make a difference to your wellbeing.
Simplify your life and that may mean learning to say NO!

2) Focus on what you want – write down your options and pick out the top 3 and work on your best choice for you.
If you can language it you can have it. Notice what you feel and what you are telling yourself about these options and choose the ones that
make you come alive.That one will have the most staying power for you.

3) I have a model from NLP you’ll find useful- called Be Do Have and in order to get the change you want you have to be emotionally(Be), that is feel the change
that you want and think it and then find a big enough why to drive you to take action (Do) towards it to get the outcome you want.

Now if you need some help working your way through these issues give me a call – Colin 0419568043
I’ve been through it myself and it can be stressful and get you down.

However you do not have to do it alone. Let’s have a conversation about your situation in a judgement free and confidential space,
Kind Regards
Colin Slater

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