Breathe, trust yourself and let go

Breathe, trust yourself and let go. When life gets too much or too frantic for us or we have overloaded ourselves, it’s time to STOP…pause…take a little time out for reflection. Breathe, trust yourself and let go of all the other stuff until the chaos and “chatter” in your mind settles down. some people refer […]

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Do you want to achieve a goal or outcome on a specific part of your life, you have a a vision of what you want however you’re not sure how to bring it to fruition? You’ve had these ideas kicking around in your head for awhile now and now you really want to get on […]

Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Choosing to be in the now or the present moment is the best state for you to empower yourself, to be most resourceful and reclaim your personal power. The past is done with and only the experience and the meaning you give to it remains. The future has not even happened yet so stop the […]

Reinventing Yourself

Reinventing yourself or the need to makeover oneself can come from many causes. Job loss or change, relationship breakdown, divorce, separation, sickness and death to name a few. The one thing they all have in common is crisis. It is a wake up call that something if different in your life now and a change […]

How to overcome Anxiety

Anxieties arise when we overthink something or we become overwhelmed by activities around us and all the messages ans data coming at us or into us via our senses over load us. What can you do about this situation? Well the first thing is slow your breathing down until your body and mind slows down. […]