Frequently Asked Questions Life Coaching

 Hi and welcome to the  frequently asked questions page.

When talking with people about their particular journey through life  questions come up and it is my intention and mission to post the most frequently asked of these here. 

So this page brought to you by Adelaide Life Coaching can be used as a resource for you to find and discover more about your life and how to get more tips and tools in your toolbox- enjoy.

If you find a tip that has helped you let me know,  I  do  appreciate your feed back.

If you have a question let me know via the contact page and I will endeavour to get you an answer – Colin

Q: I have bouts of anxiety and depression, what can I do?
A: Seek medical attention and advice immediately. Identify what you are anxious about and where you notice it in your body. this will tell you a lot about what it is.

To alleviate the depression, look at such things as how much sleep you are giving yourself, how much sunshine you get each day, how much exercise a day and your diet.

Do all those support and nurture you and if not change them until they do.
e.g. Get 8 hours sleep a day. Get 30 minutes of sunshine. Get 30 minutes of gentle exercise even if it’s walking. Diet has to be about giving you energy and supporting your immune system.
Start a gratitude journal and record 3 things each day you are grateful for at the end of each day.

Use your support team around you or talk with friends who will support you to get through this situation. Seek proper professional psychiatric/medical help , do not mess around with this situation, get help NOW!

Q. How can NLP help me?

A.It gives you options to communicate and makes more sense of your world more easily and can help you be more positive in your language choices, your behaviour and your actions.  Because of this your results will be influenced by what your think , say and do , particularly your self-talk. There is nothing weird or technical about NLP . It works, it’s simple and easy to do , that’s why I love it.

Q. I have too many options, how do I choose which one’s for me?

A. Write them done and give each one a rating out of 10 in terms of importance and what each means to you.
Look at any with 7 or above and go with the highest scoring choices. Be mindful of how they sit with you in terms of your values.

If they get past that then go ahead and choose what you think is right for you. Unsure or confused still?

Reflect on them overnight and look at them in a days time. Go with the one that sits best for you. If you still have a issue with this , talk to me and we can sort it.