Lead with the Heart

The heart knows

Lead with the Heart It was quite a revelation to discover that we have 3 brains ( and only one is in your head) and they are all capable of memory and neurological functions. What I hear you say… yes it is so and recent Neuroscience researchers tell us to lead with the heart because […]

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How Can I Change My Life with Life Coaching?

Change my life with Life Coaching. Change occurs when you want to shift from where you are to a new place or a new state of mind , call it a mind set change if you like and you’re not sure ¬†how to go about it. Staying where you are is not helping as nothing […]

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Is the Scarcity mentality holding you back?

An abundance mentality leave your mind open

Is the Scarcity mentality holding you back? Much of our modern society seems to be built on a scarcity mentality. It’s a mentality that tells people there is a lack in life, or that they somehow feel not good enough as they are and that opportunities are few and far between. This is of course […]

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Gratitude can lift the mind and spirit

Gratitude can lift the mind and spirit How does having or finding gratitude help me? The daily practice of writing about things or people you are grateful for in a gratitude journal encourages you to find things that are positive, uplifting, inspiring and support you. Why do this? The benefits of this are: It creates […]

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Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Present moment is a gift

Reclaiming Your Personal Power.Choosing to be in the now or the present moment is the best state for you to empower yourself, to be most resourceful and reclaim your personal power. The past is done with and only the experience and the meaning you give to it remains. The future has not even happened yet […]

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