The past can hurt you or you can learn from it!

(Thank you Walt Disney and Irmie83) Mistakes or failures in most cases have lessons for us if we choose to learn from them. Often we allow these things to get in the way and stop us from growing to be more. And yes the pain lingers, however the meaning we choose to give those experiences […]

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Gratitude How does having or finding gratitude help me? The daily practice of writing about things or people you are grateful for in a gratitude journal encourages you to find things that are positive, uplifting, inspiring and support you. Why do this? The benefits of this are: It creates the thinking of abundance, of being […]

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Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Present moment is a gift

Choosing to be in the now or the present moment is the best state for you to empower yourself, to be most resourceful and reclaim your personal power. The past is done with and only the experience and the meaning you give to it remains. The future has not even happened yet so stop the […]

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Reinventing Yourself

A crisis involves both danger and opportunitiess

Reinventing yourself or the need to makeover oneself can come from many causes. Job loss or change, relationship breakdown, divorce, separation, sickness and death to name a few. The one thing they all have in common is crisis. It is a wake up call that something if different in your life now and a change […]

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Be present to achieve best results

Be kind to yourself and allow time for reflection. Remember your wins and successes, celebrate them. Learn from your experiences, they have made you who you are. Leave the past there and learn to be present because that’s where you can achieve the most good and the most results for yourself. Focus on what you […]

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