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What this site is about- setting people free

Life Coaching Adelaide – setting people free is about helping people to  improve their relationships with their loved ones. It’s about replacing unhealthy self-talk and behaviours that sabotage our emotions, impede our communications and erode our self-belief. It’s about finding certainty of purpose and meaning in our lives, building up our confidence and trusting ourselves to again […]

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Be You

Today more than ever bees are important to us all. Equally important is that people need to be themselves and be present, “in the now” as Eckhart Tolle says. What does this mean? It means get out of our heads and into our hearts because that’s where the real you and I exists, our real […]

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Journaling benefits

Journaling helps notice and influence our inner conversations

Journaling benefits what’s this about? What’s journaling for starters? It’s taking time each day probably at night before you go to bed in a quiet space to reflect on the days events and what has come up for you . Write it down in your own words and look for patterns or emotions that keep […]

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Change your Thinking Change Your Life

Change Your Thinking Change Your Life, what does this mean? To get a different result from what we have obtained previously, we need different thinking. This means looking at what we want and then going back to square one to ask ourselves what thoughts do I need to get this desire realised. Who do I […]

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Breaking through limiting beliefs

limiting beliefs can be changed

Breaking through limiting beliefs is possible as soon as we realise those beliefs are holding us back. This realisation can take sometime as often those beliefs are picked up when we are young, as children from our parents, teachers and other significant people in our lives. If such beliefs no longer serve us, then it […]

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