Be You

Be You

Today more than ever bees are important to us all.
Equally important is that people need to be themselves and be present, “in the now” as Eckhart Tolle says.
What does this mean?
It means get out of our heads and into our hearts because that’s where the real you and I exists, our real personality if you like.
Sometimes we have to be quiet enough and still long enough to find our real selves. It’s called meditation , a term I prefer to mindfulness which would seem to be intending the opposite to meditation.

Back to our bees, we need them to pollinate so many plants round us, that support animals, including us, that if they are diminished or reduced we are all in big trouble.
Science is continually finding links between our brain, heart and gut, so that our gut activity has now been linked to our moods, such as a depression.
Indeed Aristotle was spot on when he said “Let Food be thy Medicine and medicine be thy food”.
This means our state of mind is closely related to what we eat AND more importantly the quality of our sleep, which is when we repair ourselves and make sense of our environment, where we live.
So look after yourself, drink enough water, get enough quality sleep and eat quality wholesome food.

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By Coach Colin

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