About Me “Finding your best self””

About me Leading with the heart is the best place to start.

Lead with the Heart

About Me “Finding your best self”  or as I call it the “hero’s” journey.

Hi , I’m Colin and I help you to live your best life by helping you to breakthrough limiting beliefs and habits.

Welcome to my blog Life Coaching Adelaide Set People free, where you’ll find stories (I love stories) tips and insights on life’s curiosities, intrigues, to either challenge you or encourage you to be the best version of yourself. There is a reason you have arrived here and if I can help you along your journey in life then I’ll be content with that.

Why do this?

It is an opportunity to discover more about yourself and find your “true” purpose.
Now you may have already done this and if you have, congratulations…well done.
If you haven’t and you are wondering where to start …read on.

What’s a hero’s journey you ask?

The hero who happens to be called Courage, decides to go on a journey to discover things about himself, or herself if that’s you, sometimes in different lands and strange places, (read- out of his comfort zone) where he hasn’t been before or dared to go or has been afraid to venture in.
He is uncertain of what might happen or whether he is up to the task, but his curiosity and wonder about what’s there is stronger than the fear of the unknown.
So how will Courage overcome these challenges, read on dear reader to find out!

He has learnt to embrace uncertainty, welcome new experiences and step outside his comfort zone.
He has learnt new tools and strategies to deal with life’s challenges and having mastered  them
is now able to bring them back from those places and share them with others.

Some people call this the treasure, the gold or life’s insights and learnings.

These skills are called NLP –  Neuro Linguistic Programming and it is about tools and new strategies to enable you to think and communicate easily and model successful people who have mastered them. Look it up on Wikipedia (NLP- I mean)

My mission now is empowering people to utilise these skills, to help them improve their daily lives in the areas of specifically relationships and wellness .

There are others but those  are my specialties and seem to cause people the most dis-ease.
Invitation for You

I invite you to join me on a journey– strap yourself in and enjoy the ride, along with Courage, your best self will thank you later.
The ‘inner journey” of learning to believe in yourself again and to trust your intuition is the best gift you can give yourself.

What can you do next to help yourself?
Let’s have a conversation about where you are at and what you want to achieve?
Discover what’s important to you, what you’ve tried already and where to from here to achieve what you really want.
Discover for what ever reason why this may not have happened for you yet and get you the results you want, not just promises.
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