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Awaken Your Heart Space

Awaken Your Heart Space
Awaken Your Heart Space

Awaken Your Heart Space
This means when we get out of our head or logical thinking and listen to our heart and gut intuition we are more likely to align or be more comfortable with our decisions.
If we are more present and not dwelling on the past or being anxious about the future, then it is possible to have the most influence on our thinking, our actions and thereby our results.
This makes it more possible to achieve better outcomes for ourselves. Some peopleĀ  refer to this as mindfulness.

You can control your results by controlling your thinking,
If a thought comes up that does not serve you, acknowledge it, let it go and then come up with one that is more resourceful and serves you better.
This means being mindful of negative thoughts and emotions that do not nurture or uplift you – let them go and pass.
If it helps, write down your affirmations of what you would like to be do and have to remind yourself what you really want and then it is more likely you will get the results you want.
For example, I will cultivate healthy eating habits and choices which give me energy and vitality that suit my body and lifestyle.
You can get better at this habit, the more you practice it like exercising a muscle improves its performance.

Awaken your heart space is the key to your emotional centre and if you get in touch with the real you, then you will have found your best authentic self.

Many folks I know spend time looking and searching to “find” themselves and all they really need to is be still, be quiet and listen to their own intuition which lives in their heart space.

Neurological science research has discovered that both the heart and gut are capable of memory and have much more influence on our health and wellbeing than we previously have known or realised.

This means if we ignore the messages from our hearts, we do ourselves a disservice.

Allowing time for reflection and dropping into your heart space will give you a better perspective on life and peace of mind in our busy lives.

You owe that to yourself surely.

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Does any of this make sense for you?