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Breathe, trust yourself and let go

Breathe, trust and let go
Breathe, trust yourself and let go

Breathe, trust yourself and let go.
When life gets too much or too frantic for us or we have overloaded ourselves, it’s time to STOP…pause…keep breathing and take a little time out for reflection.
Breathe, trust yourself and let go of all the other stuff until the chaos and “chatter” in your mind settles down.

Some people refer to this chatter as the “monkey mind” because it jumps all over the place.

Now the quickest way to do this is to control your breath. Slow it down and take long deep breaths until your mind slows down too.

Try this in breath count  of five, hold for 5 and then release breathe for five…repeat (more  specific details below)

As the thoughts  flood in acknowledge them one by one and then let them pass just as soon as they came in.

Now that your state is more settled and calmer, let’s address the other parts.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with relationships?

Well they involve ,trust,respect, communication and love or connection, all of which need you to be  not focused on the past and centred in the present moment, something

many of us find difficult at first until we practice and it becomes more familiar, hence the focus on the breath.

What must I let go of you might be asking?

Anything that is holding you back, gets in the way  or no longer serves you as you make choices about what really matters in your life.

How do I do that you might be asking?

As you breathe in fully using your diaphragm in your stomach to fill your lungs with life restoring energy and imagine this energy

sweeping through your whole body and attaching to anything that is limiting you in your quest to be more, do more and have more

in the sense of creating a fulfilled and purposeful life.

As you breath out imaging these old things flowing out of your body never more to find a place in your life and you are now  feeling lighter and

having more vitality with every breath.

As you get control of your breathing your body will relax and then your mind will catch on and slow down too.

Now to trusting yourself.

When you were born you had everything you needed, sure you needed a parent or a care giver to guide you and keep you safe however otherwise you were complete.

It is still the same today . Your body and mind is an amazing  and unique creation.

Take care of it and be kind to it.

Take each day as it come and relax into it, be present and enjoy it fully.

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Kind regards

Colin Slater

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