Breaking through limiting beliefs

Breaking through limiting beliefs is possible as soon as we realise those beliefs are holding us back. This realisation can take sometime as often those beliefs are picked up when we are young, as children from our parents, teachers and other significant people in our lives. If such beliefs no longer serve us, then it […]

Benefits of working with a life coach

                                  Benefits of working with a life coach?         How can a life coach help me you may be asking?   It’s about having a life audit on all areas of your life, your choice of course […]

Focus is critical for results

Focus is critical for results, why? Attention is concentrated by focus and allows us to avoid distractions which are numerous these days, e.g. social media, TV and streaming services. Distractions divert us from achieving our goals and includes procrastination, too many choices, unclear goals and delaying taking action. These distractions can dilute our resources and […]

Mobile phone customers

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