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Amazing power of Affirmations

Affirmations are strong positive statements
A new day brings new experiences and new meanings

Affirmations are strong positive statements you can construct that something you desire or crave in your life is already so.
We say them to reinforce what we are thinking to support change or shift in our thinking, emotions , actions and thereby our results.

For an affirmation to be effective, it needs to be present tense, positive, personal and specific [reference-Wikipedia]

Why do this?

The intent behind affirmations is to alter your thinking and your  behaviours and gradually replace limiting thinking or beliefs with affirmations that increase your activity and actions towards achieving your goals or outcome. It encourages you towards action and taking responsibility for your results.

I’ll give you some examples you can use for yourself to replace thoughts of negative thinking and limiting language.
When you doubt your self -worth replace it with ” I am worthy of Love and abundance”
When you are inclined to devalue your self-worth  replace it with “I am enough”‘
When you think it’s too hard or  are fearful about the outcome substitute   “I am unique and give myself permission to shine and thrive”
When you think you are stuck in a rut flip it for  “My past does not determine my future”
When you think lack or scarcity is how it’s always going to be replace it with  “I am worthy of wealth ( not just the monetary kind) ”
You can construct your own affirmations, keep in mind that they need to be important  and relevant to your own  particular situation.

Repeat them daily, or twice daily and you will find it helps keep you focused on what you want to achieve and on purpose towards your goals.
This means the goals that you choose are important and must support you towards realising your dreams and aspirations into reality.

Write your goals down, get them out of your head , so you can focus on them and give then shape and form.They will then pick up meaning from you and allow you to work on creating a real result or outcome for your self.

What you focus on will expand and you will attract more of it.

Choose wisely what you focus on!

Say it how you want it to be in your life. Starting and maintaining a gratitude journal will also benefit  how you view your wellbeing.

To learn more about growing your self-worth and gratitude check out this post gratitude-and-self-worth

Have fun with that and if you need help give me a call 0419 568 043. You do not have to do it alone.


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Mind Your language and Your Self Talk

Meditation can clear the mind

Click on the  link here to see the video on You Tube


Watching your language is important because how we think and talk to ourselves

and others determines our communications and the messages we send and receive.

Keeping your language positive means it will be more resourceful and allow your brain

to act upon it more readily.

Our inclination to use negative language often is because of our programming or conditioning

in our early childhood.  It is not  always helpful and is likely to limit your thinking and your results.

Be aware of this and stop doing it .

Remember what you focus on is what you get.

Whatever you give attention to will expand.

Meditation is useful to clear your mind if it gets to busy or overloaded.

A regular routine of work, exercise and sleep are good habits to establish to regulate your day and night.

Avoid bright lights and stimulation just before bed as it adversely affects your melatonin production and quality of sleep.

This means watch and limit your TV, pc,electronic games and smart phone activities prior to going to bed.

What tips do you use  to stay focused get a good nights sleep I wonder?
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