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Change your Thinking Change Your Life

breakthroughs are possible
breakthroughs are possible

Change Your Thinking Change Your Life, what does this mean?
To get a different result from what we have obtained previously, we need different thinking, leading to different actions,
This means looking at what we want and then going back to square one to ask ourselves what thoughts do I need to get this outcome realised.
Who do I need to be emotionally to bring it to reality?
What does it look like, sound like, feel like and what am I telling myself about it?

Do I need a Life Coach?

All these thoughts and emotions build a blueprint to achieve what you want.
If what you want is vague and not clear then that will be reflected in the result or non-result.

If you want a specific result and your reason why is compelling enough , then you will find a way to get it done.
This is why it is important to focus on not what you do not want, but concentrate on what you Do want, because that’s where your energy will flow and allow it to grow.
What does this mean in our brain-body connections?

New thoughts create new neurological connections and we know from research that neurons that fire together, become wired together, creating new pathways and new results.
So what do we need to do to get a different result?
Yes, it will be unfamiliar, have uncertainty and be new ground for you. It’s like learning something new, at first it is unfamiliar until we get used to it and attach emotions to it and check it out against our values and beliefs.

It is possible that you might need some new beliefs that support your new thinking and desires for different results.

Will there be challenges? Of course, there will and things may not go exactly to the plan you started with. However, you know what?

You still have a choice as to what you are creating and what you want, even if it does change as to where it ends up.
Changing your Life is not a cakewalk, it’s more of a journey with the end in mind and filling in the steps as you go.

Do I need a Life Coach?

Write down what you want to get clear on specifically what you do want.

If you do this, then it is easier to refer back to it to see if you are still on track or if you have changed your mind, what is the new goal?
If you encounter some problems changing direction and something gets in your way, examine it and look for more options around it.

If you still have problems and need a life coach, call me Colin 0419 568 043 and we will work through it.
Enjoy creating your new life.

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