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Coping with uncertainty and anxieties

What you focus on is what you get more of
What you give energy to will expand

We live in challenging times and in circumstances unlike any other time in history and it certainly looks and feels that way.
Yes, there have been pandemics before and loss of life however, the circumstances have not been so serious or so frightening or affected the way we live like this episode of Covid 19 ( coronavirus) and its variant (omicron).
So what can we do to survive this challenge?

What can you control?
Firstly, be kind to yourself and give yourself a bit of slack to respond and work your way through any problems that arise.
It’s new territory, so take your time. Work out what matters, what’s important AND let the rest GO!

As we come out of this period of uncertainty and loss of connections, it is important o focus on what matters.

It may well mean reassessing what you now choose to take up doing as important for you and what you choose to let go as unimportant. Keep doing the things that give you joy and let go of those things which do not.

Life is too short to be concerned about unimportant things or details.

If you need mental health help see your GP or health provider and look after yourself. get good quality sleep, eat healthy wholesome food and get some sunshine and exercise each day.

Start or keep your gratitude journal –  write 3 things you’re grateful for each day and note how your wellness state improves over the next month.

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If you need additional help call me, Colin Slater 0419 568 043.

What do you do to stay resilient in the face of uncertainty and anxieties? Let me know.