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The importance of Focus

What you focus on is what you get more of
What you give energy to will expand

How does focus help me?

Focus helps us to avoid distractions and to stay the course to achieve our outcomes.

Focus involves the feelings, memories and experiences that uplift us , support us and sustain us when

challenges test our resolve to stay on course.
There are so many distractions these days with technologies like smart phones, tablets and other devices

like MP3 players which are supposed to help us however sometimes they just distract us from important issues.
Allow time in your busy day for reflection on what is important, what you want more of and what you can now choose to stop doing because it no longer supports you.

It may have been ok when you were a child,  however now you are an adult and you now have a choice to keep focused or allow distractions to get in the way.
How possible or easy is it to do this?

Recognising that there needs to be a shift is the first important step.
Knowing what you want to move to or now start being is the next shift

and then you can work out what you need to do in order to bring it into reality, i.e. have it.

Is anything preventing you from creating what you have visualised and dreamed?
Can it be shifted or reframed to have a more supportive meaning for you?

When was the last time you felt empowered and acknowledged?
Can you picture that experience and anchor it in your mind and body as a reference for future success?
Picture a time in the future when what you have visualised has already occurred and what that feeling would give you.

Hold that thought.What state can provide you with your best results or outcome?
Being present.
That means letting go of the past and stop getting anxious about the future

or doing the what if… routine.

The best place you can change what is going on in your life is the now…the present.
So keep it simple focus on what you want and
STOP dwelling on what you do not want as you will only attract more of it.

Find compelling reasons to stay on track of your goals and desired outcomes.
Nuff said

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