Journaling benefits

Journaling helps notice and influence our inner conversations
Journaling helps notice and influence our inner conversations

Journaling benefits what’s this about?
What’s journaling for starters? It’s taking time each day probably at night before you go to bed in a quiet space to reflect on the days events and what has come up for you .
Write it down in your own words and look for patterns or emotions that keep returning.

What do they mean for you? Your answer will give you insights into your inner thoughts and world, giving you insights perhaps not previously reached.
Other benefits are that you are using more of your faculties, like composition, experience, sorting and storing the conclusions in your brain for future use.

How is this a benefit you may ask? well if your life is busy, busy and you want to sort out priorities and find what’s important to you, journaling will certainly help you do that.

Once you’ve worked out what’s important then it is less likely the unimportant things will distract you so you can keep focused and achieved your goals or outcome that you want.

By Coach Colin

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