Life is a gift, live it fully

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the present moment is a gift

Life is a gift, live it fully

Life is a gift, live it fully.
Life will throw multiple challenges at you at any stage and it probably has already, testing your resolve and your beliefs to the core.
It is easy to feel down on yourself, lose confidence and be disappointed as a result.

However to stay down and think you’re a failure only limits your progress and wastes your energy.

Sure there are times when you need to grieve over a loss. How long do you grieve for? That’s up to you.
Feeling sorry for yourself is not very resourceful either and will delay your progress to grow and overcome any difficulties, allowing you to get on with your life.
Those challenges if you choose will either hold you back or present opportunities for you to learn things about yourself and what you’re really capable of achieving.

You may not have been able to change the event that happened to you , however you can change what you take it to mean and that’s important.
Yes it may not be fair however there are usually lessons to be learned from the experience even when you think it’s unfair.

Life is indeed best lived and takes place at the edges of our comfort zone ¬ Jonathon Look
So what can you do to manage life’s challenges and thrive?
• Take your time, practice gratitude, recognise the good and accept the bad along with it
• Be more compassionate with yourself and practice being more flexible
• Embrace your feelings, they are the powerhouse behind your actions and results
• Communicate with your support group, be they family or friends that you trust
• Accept life as it is. This does not mean settle for something less than you really want.
• Work towards what you want and know that these feelings of low self-worth too will pass
• How you respond to challenges is what’s important

Life is a gift, live it fully.
To help you along the way , start a gratitude journal where you can each day write down three things you are grateful for. notice over the course of two weeks how your thinking has changed. If it hasn’t , seek professional help from your GP as soon as possible.
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