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Our Life Choices Help Shape Our Reality

Life choices are important as they determine our reality
Life Choices help shape our reality

Our life choices help shape our reality.

Have you ever wondered how our life and our reality is created?
It follows our thoughts, emotions, choices and actions, leading to results in that order.
This means our life choices are important and we need a little time to choose our response when an event occurs, rather than just reacting to it.

Our life choices do help shape our reality.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with our relationships?

Firstly Intention and attention. Our intention guides our thoughts and attention brings into focus where our energy and resources will go.

The first step is to get clear on what you want, then what you are thinking about it and the meaning you attach to it.

How to go about it

Getting it down on paper is a great start.
Discovering why you want it is equally important as it will drive you to put in the steps to attract and achieve it.
Does it sit well with your values? Included in this is a consideration of your heart, mind and gut response to your choices.
For what purpose is an excellent question to ask?
Asking what it will give you is very revealing too!

What to do next

When these questions have been answered , the next step is to discover how you might achieve the goal or outcome you have chosen.

Work out your action plan and then set about achieving it, step by step until completion.

Now you may have to correct or alter your course if it’s not going to plan and that  is ok too.

Treat the feedback constructively and avoid taking it personally.

Review your successes and  when you have achieved your goal, celebrate it.

Well done.

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