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Making a difference in this life

Green and growing or ripe and rotting
Making a difference

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Why this quote?

I thought this one is a good introduction to why I do what I do in helping people transform their lives.

I wasn’t always confident in my abilities as a life coach and mentor to help other people in their journey to transform their lives.

I too was racked by self-doubt, uncertainty and a resistance to get out of my comfort zone.

Sometimes I felt like an imposter and did not fully trust my intuition or instincts. Many courses, books and workshops later.

I felt a growing confidence that yes I could transform my life and that of others, if they were ready.

I discovered I could help others change their thinking, change their habits and thereby change their results to realise their desired goals.

Sometimes changes were quite dramatic and sometimes it was a ripple effect.

It did not matter to me because I realised it was not about me and was able to get myself out of the way and focus on the clients experiences and assisting them to get the outcome they wanted.

What a relief, that I did not need to know the answers, just help the client find theirs in a judgement-free space that was also confidential.

It is a partnership after all, where I listen, trust the process and guide the client to find their own answers.

Sometimes that means holding the space or silence for a client so they can reflect and find answers for themselves.

I get rewarded when a client has a “Aha” moment or gains an insight into what is going on in their life or what needs to change to serve them better. They can move forward, releases the shackles of past limitations and build the life they want.

Back to my opening statement, Why I do what I do!

I’m a life coach because as I improve myself and grow so too can I offer even more value to the clients I come into contact with and help them transform their lives and make a difference.

I’ve also found that as I stay open and honest it allows my client to open up and be honest with themselves.

If they are prepared to unpack parts of their lives, I’m prepared to go there and back with them.

Is it for everyone? No, only those who are ready to transform their lives.

 Is it for you?

Only you know the answer to that one.

What’s involved? That is revealed in a Discovery session when we begin to work together. 15minutes of your time on the phone or zoom.

Why you want it is more important!

How can it happen?

Over a Zoom or telephone call which means you do not have to leave home and with the current Covid19 situation, that’s probably the best approach right now.

Give me a call, Colin 0419568043 or email

I will respond within 24 hours.

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