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Mental Health in Retirement

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health

Taking care of our mental health is an act of self-love.

Mental health is important at any age and more so in retirement because many of our social connections

and support groups are no longer active or we haven’t maintained them like we did when working full time.

Regular exercise even just walking 30 minutes a day is important as is strength training.

Just as nutritious food is good for our bodies so is healthy information for our mind and soul.

Thoughts of not being enough if allowed to remain can lead to anxiety and depression.

Having a purpose and meaning is important when many things are changing and are not the same as when we were working full-time.

If you are experiencing mental health problems please seek professional help.

If you need help to find your purpose or meaning in life, I can help you with that.

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As a life coach, I can help you find clarity about your purpose, be a mentor, a guide, an accountability partner and your cheerleader.

Remember taking care of our mental health is an act of self-love.