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Ninja Bear learns about gratitude and self worth

“Master what must I do to feel more worthy?”

Ninja Bear you must have gratitude and acknowledge your past good deeds.

ninja Bear finds gratitude and self worth
Master, how can I be more worthy?

Ninja Bear, it opens your heart up to new opportunities and experiences, that you may not have noticed or given importance to. When you recall past successes your confidence and skill will grow.

“I’m grateful for my family and I appreciate what they do for me”

Very good Ninja Bear, be sure to tell them that so they know too.

What else can I do Master?

Practice your craft Ninja Bear until you have mastered it. Preparation and practice is everything.

“Sometimes Master I get confused about what to do”

Get clear on what’s important Ninja Bear, practice meditation to focus your mind. Set small goals and achieve them .

Repeat process.

Know yourself, listen to your thoughts, do they still serve you?

If not follow your heart, your mind and your gut instincts and adjust your thinking until they are aligned!

Ask yourself for what purpose am I doing this?


Be curious, have courage and persist, true self worth comes from  within you Ninja Bear, do this and you will become  a true warrior.

“Thank you Master”.

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