Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Present moment is a gift

Reclaiming Your Personal Power. Choosing to be in the now or the present moment is the best state for you to empower yourself, to be most resourceful and reclaim your personal power, because in reality it is the only space we have to make changes. The past is done with and only the experience and […]

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Not Good Enough to being Enough

Not good enough to being Enough Becoming aware that we can shift our thinking from one of not good enough to being enough is empowering, inspiring and exciting at the same time. Closely aligned to this is thinking and feeling not worthy and unloved, possibly picked up from earlier experiences when we were younger. Once […]

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Gratitude benefits

Gratitude benefits – how does it work? How does having or finding gratitude help me? The daily practice of writing about things or people you are grateful for in a gratitude journal encourages you to find things that are positive, uplifting, inspiring and support you. The benefits of this are: It creates the thinking of […]

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Relationships need these 5 key ingredients

Relationship need working on

Relationships need these 5 ingredients. For relationships to remain healthy we do not want, expect  or like  to have abuse, distrust, disrespect and dishonesty in them. Yet we often see  and experience these behaviours when relationships breakdown. Let’s have a closer look at these keys: Respect is important  to open, honest and safe communications. Trust […]

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