Relationships need these 5 key ingredients

Relationship need working on

For relationships to remain healthy we do not want, expect  or like  to have abuse, distrust, disrespect and dishonesty in them. Yet we often see  and experience these behaviours when relationships breakdown. Let’s have a closer look at these keys: Respect is important  to open, honest and safe communications. Trust is essential too and is […]

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How to have better relationships

Focus and action supports purpose

Want a better relationship? Relationship on the rocks and everyday conversations are a struggle?  Everyday is a constant hassle, fighting over money, whose right or wrong and respect is well, lacking. Time together is exhausting. You may feel like negativity is just under the surface and your communication is not getting through. You may be […]

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Life is a gift, live it fully

Green and growing or ripe and rotting

Life is a gift, live it fully. Life will throw multiple challenges at you at any stage and it probably has already, testing your resolve and your beliefs to the core. It is easy to feel down on yourself, lose confidence and be disappointed as a result. You’re probably wondering what this has to do […]

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Awaken Your Heart Space

Step into your heart space

Awaken Your Heart Space This means when we get out of our head or logical thinking and listen to our heart and gut intuition we are more likely to align or be more comfortable with our decisions. If we are more present and not dwelling on the past or being anxious about the future, then […]

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