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Your Hour Of Power

Hour of Power
Use your time wisely

If you could have an hour of power with a life coach where you could discover what’s important to you and what you really want to achieve in your life, wouldn’t that be valuable to you?

If you could discover your most important values and beliefs and how they shape or influence your decisions, wouldn’t that have enormous worth to you?

If you could discover why sometimes your limiting beliefs or fears can hold you back and that  there are tools and strategies available to change or modify them so they no longer hold sway over you , wouldn’t that energise you to achieve your heart’s desire, to realise you DO have choices and options to achieve those goals? Some of these have been with you since you were a child. Now you are an adult and they may no longer serve you. A life coach can help you to replace those old unresourceful habits with more resourceful ones that serve you better.

If you could overcome your thoughts of not being good enough  or fitting in and replace them with images of being successful, of being accepted  and mastering your chosen pathway in life, wouldn’t you want to know more about that and what that knowledge  would mean to you?

If you could picture or imagine what you really want to bring into your life and then be able to  create a vibrant vision of your future, followed by a detailed plan of how to achieve that vision, to bring those thoughts into reality, some people call this manifesting,  what would that give you?

I’ve seen how NLP tools and strategies which I use in my Life Coaching practise, can turn people’s lives around and energise them to lift their expectations and results. To lift that weight of anxiety and wondering is it possible to really know and move forward into a better version of yourself-

YES it is possible.  It is up to you to decide you are ready to change things in your life, to no longer tolerate those old habits or behaviours that have been bugging you and giving you grief or anxiety.

Colin is offering you an hour of power where you can explore and discover things about yourself to improve and enhance your quality of life, your relationships and how to enhance your communications with those people around you .  Discover how to refocus your energy, boost your self- worth and get inspired to redirect and grow your life. Even examining how to modify your negative self- talk can have enormous benefits to you in your everyday experiences.

So I’m inviting you to have a chat with a life coach in a judgement free and confidential space to kick start the next phase of your life- whatever that may be.

 How do you get started?

The first step is yours. Book a session today with an NLP Certified Life coach. There is no obligation and no contract.

The first session is a gift from me. Then you can pay me what you think it’s worth to you. We can talk weekly or fortnightly to keep your momentum going.

You can call me on 0419568043 to book your time or Skype me on colin-slater1

If this post has piqued your interest, have a look at Personal Development for Busy People;

Benefits of working with a life coach,  let me know what you think or have experienced.

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Why focus is so important

Focus is important
Focus is everything

It’s an amazing observation and you’ll know this yourself , what you focus on you’ll get more of . Your mind will search for more evidence and detail to assist your focus.

Why is this important you ask?

If you focus on what you do not want or want to avoid – guess what -you”ll certainly get more of it because your brain is backing your call. It will do your biding.

So take away message is- FOCUS on what you want to happen AND say it in positive language as though it has already happened.

Let me give you an example.

“I have a healthy body, I look after it by feeding it nutritious, wholesome food , giving it regular exercise and enough sleep for it to function effectively in my busy daily schedule”. I just made that up , you can make up your own.

What’s been your experience with focus and results? Let me know- Colin