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The past can hurt you or you can learn from it!

(Thank you Walt Disney and Irmie83)

The past can hurt you or you can learn from it!

Mistakes or failures in most cases have lessons for us if we choose to learn from them.
Often we allow these things to get in the way and stop us from growing to be more.
And yes the pain lingers, however the meaning we choose to give those
experiences is more important as this is what shapes and allows us to
become more self-aware and resourceful.

Think about it, when have you learnt the most important lessons in your life… I call them defining
moments and I’ll bet it was when you were challenged or found the going tough and confronting.
My message here is look for the gift , the lesson when those challenges arise and your life will
most likely be richer and deeper for the experience and what you attach to it .

If you would like the enlightening experience of discovering what some of your defining moments mean
I’d be happy to help you unpack them with you.
This can happen during a consultation with me.
Give me a call to arrange your best time with Colin 0419 568 043

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