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How to overcome Anxiety

Present moment is a gift
How to overcome Anxiety

How to overcome Anxiety

Anxieties arise when we overthink something or we become overwhelmed by activities around us and

all the messages ans data coming at us or into us via our senses over load us.

What can you do about this situation?

Well the first thing is slow your breathing down until your body and mind slows down.

Control your breathe – count 5 in, hold for 5 and then exhale letting go for 5 secs all the stuff you’re holding onto or is ‘buggin” you.

Now focus on what’s important, let go of past events, they are done.

Stop worrying about the future , it has not even happened yet.

Where the action does happen is in the present… right now!

You can overcome anxiety or modified the influence of it when you become present.

What does it mean to be present?
Self-awareness or noticing what is going on around you is being present.
Letting go of the past and bringing your thoughts into the now is being present.
Switching off anxious thoughts about the future which may not even happen is being present.
This makes it possible to attune your senses to events and experiences happening
around you and you know what?
They are the events and experiences that you can change or redirect them as you see fit
What you can also change and this makes it even more important to know this is that you can
change the meaning you gave those experiences or events. How good is that and I can help you do that!

…they are your choices what ever happens around you, your response is also your choice .
You get to choose how you want to respond after some reflection time.

It you do this then it is possible for you to create your life as you want it in the present moment
and bring your vision of how you want your life to be to reality.

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