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Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Reclaiming your personal power
Reclaiming your personal power

Reclaiming Your Personal Power.

Choosing to be in the now or the present moment is the best state for you to empower yourself, to be most resourceful and reclaim your personal power, because in reality, it is the only space we have to make changes.

The past is done with and only the experience and the meaning you give to it remains.

The future has not even happened yet so stop the “what if” routine and focus on being present now because that’s where you can have the most influence on where your life is going.
Who you are being, thinking and what you choose to do is the most important consideration for you to focus on.

Relax and give yourself permission to take action on bringing your goals and aspirations into reality.

Reclaiming your personal power can start today!
How do I do that?
Firstly, write your goals down in black and white; get them out of your head
Then you can add some meaning and emotion to them. If you have too many goals, give them a rating out of ten where ten is the most important and work on those 8 and higher first;
this will give you priorities and focus on what matters most.
Nothing happens until you do something, that is take ACTION.
If something gets in the way examine it and consider what it’s about.
Is it real or imagined?
If it’s that little voice trying to keep you safe, acknowledge it and if you really want it and it sits well with your heart, head and gut, proceed with your goals.

Reinforcing your goals and the choices you make is how you claim back your personal power.

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