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Relationships need these 5 key ingredients

Relationships need regular maintenance
relationships need care

Relationships need these 5 ingredients.

For relationships to remain healthy we do not want, expect  or like  to have abuse, distrust, disrespect and dishonesty in them.

Yet we often see  and experience these behaviours when relationships breakdown.

Let’s have a closer look at these keys:

Respect is important  to open, honest and safe communications.

Trust is essential too and is the glue that holds our relationships together.

Self-love is essential to nurture self-esteem and allow love to flow out to others and to receive it back from our partner.

Lastly we want and need that connection between two people to be meaningful, supportive and based on love.

If these essential keys are not attended to or given regular care then healthy relationships can break down and become dysfunctional.

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