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Retirement vs Fulfilment

Just breath, trust and let go
Just breathe

Retirement as a description of what we do when we find alternatives to “normal” working for an employer or self-employed is inadequate particularly as it is described as stopping work.

Seniors who move on from 9 to 5 pm or whatever hours you may do often are busier than ever because they find meaningful activities as volunteers, mentors or carers to name a few.


As many have found, the worst possible choice is not to have a plan to transition into the next phase of your life because not having a purpose or meaning, to your new endeavours,  is a recipe for decline and is likely to create mental health problems.

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So having a plan to guide your next chapter is important as we still need to value ourselves (read look after yourself) and find meaningful activities because they give us enjoyment, allow us to contribute and continue growing as useful human beings.

What is fulfilment?

It’s finding joy and satisfaction in our activities particularly those that give something to others be it time or resources.

I do not claim to have all the answers here on how to navigate your retirement phase, because it is just a transition to another chapter in your life.

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