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When you’re ready for a Transformation , who you gonna call? – Colin 0419568043,

Is your life at a crossroads and you are uncertain what your next move is?

Life Coaching Adelaide,  Mawson Lakes, aka Colin Slater can help you with that because I’ve been there.

You have doubts about your skills and experience to reinvent yourself or try something different?
There is always another choice or a solution to your situation and I can help you with that.

Has some recent event in your life knocked you around and you’re not sure how to get back up again?
 Life Coaching Adelaide can help you with that.
Feeling “stuck” or “hit a wall”?
Colin can help you get moving and feeling better about yourself to enable you to breakthrough that “wall” right now call 0419568043

If your past experiences are in some way holding you back from really shining,
or thriving then we need to talk.
It does not have to be that way and anything that is limiting you or holding you back can be changed.
I can help you with that.
If you want to get your “SHIT” together, I’m your man (LifeCoach/Mentor).

You may also be travelling ok and just wanting to speed up achieving your goals because they seem to be alluding you or are just out of reach.

Getting clearer on what’s important and what matters in your life and how to get it, is my area of expertise.

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Now you’re probably wondering why I’m doing this?

That is connecting with people where they are at , engaging with them and together inspiring you to overcome obstacles and empowering you to achieve  your goals more quickly?
Well I’ll tell you.
It’s because I’ve had the opportunity to discover things about human behaviour and now fully
believe in myself and my purpose here.
Now I want to pass that knowledge and inspiration onto those people who are open to it.
It’s not for everyone, however if this message speaks to you then we need to talk.

Call it my gift out of gratitude of what I have learnt and experienced in my life so far.

Is it for you?
I know you are wondering how can your life be more than what it is?

You want to change something in your life and you are not sure how to go about it.

Well often we hold ourselves back and underplay our capacities to shine.

We play a small game because it is safer and we’re waiting for permission to step into
our greatness from somebody else.

If you are wanting to make lasting changes in your life and are committed to bring that
change to reality, then the answer is YES, working with me will result in a Transformation.

Adelaide Life Coaching – can help you
Colin is a certified NLP Life Coach & Mentor who specialises in building confidence,holding you accountable to your choices and enabling you to be more successful.

What’s it costing you to put these things off or not attend to them?

Give me a  call so we can have a conversation about how to bring about that Transformation you want in your life right now! 

Colin Slater  Life Coach/Mentor 0419 568 043 

Here’s that link again for 7 Cool Tips to Reinvent Yourself