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Breakthrough moments are flashes of insight that allow you to move forward, take a load off or make a discovery about something in your life that has been bugging you and you weren't sure what to do about it and then you realise you can. You discover you do have more choices. Some people call them aha moments.

It is a process to examine your life and focus on what you want and get clear about what's important to you.

Attached to this offer is a 60 minute consultation with Colin Slater a Certified NLP Life Coach.

It is judgement free and confidential.

If you want to have a conversation about where you are at in your life and what you would like to achieve and when, followed by a strategy session on how to achieve those goals then this program is for you. It occurs in a space that is confidential and judgement free.

It can be over the phone , Skype or in person, however that one is restricted to Adelaide, South Australia or close by.

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You may be wondering what the picture of the toolbox is here. It’s about having tools that you can use when you need them for life’s little challenges that come along from time to time and that’s what this store Life Coaching Adelaide is all about

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