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Gratitude Journal and benefits


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A gratitude Journal helps to build you self-worth and self-esteem as soon as you start using it

because your thinking and feedback is different. Just recording three things per day that you are grateful for can make a difference over a short period of time. Also please ensure you are getting enough quality sleep.

When is the best time to do this? Anytime that suits you however I suggest at the end of each day prior to settling down and going to sleep as this sets your intentions for the next day.

It allows you to review your goals or outcome and have some planned reflection time. These communications with your inner tuition are valuable and worth creating as a habit.

Treat these observations as a "gift" and make it as personal and as specific as you dare.

Your outlook will now be different and you'll start to notice how you look at things differently now and people around you.Immediate benefits are lass stress, more calm and appreciation and an opportunity to focus on what's important in your life.

If you are dealing with depression please go see your doctor immediately.

Start with a plain exercise book, a pen and make it your own.

It is not necessary to have a fancy journal however that is up to you and the importance you place on this activity.

Regards Colin.

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