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Surviving Covid19, Omicron or whatever comes next

accepting help
when you need a hand

Surviving Covid 19,

If you still think Covid19 or Omicron is a myth then you are mistaken or living in some alternate universe.

Or maybe you have not experienced it yet for real.

I have and it’s not nice. It can be debilitating.

When I thought I might have it, I checked on the symptoms of Covid 19 and some of them matched, so I thought this is more like the flu, runny nose, brain fog and a cough.¬†Then the weird sore throat hit me along with gut pains like I’ve never had and fatigue like I’ve just run 9.0 kilometres( I have done that)

So I thought it prudent to get a PCR test just in case it was Covid 19. Results came back 24 hours later, you are positive and must isolate for 7 days.

If this happens to you, get some sound medical advice (besides isolating the required time etc) and look after yourself.

Each person seems to have a different experience with Covid. Ensure you have good support medically and emotionally as it will affect your capacity to work, especially if you are interacting, face to face with customers as in retail( I am ) or hospitality.

So I isolated along with my wife, yes we both had it, for 7 days and returned to work as symptoms had abated, thank goodness.

Quick background facts; I was triple vaccinated and had a flu shot, prior to contracting Covid so I recommend getting your vaccinations done fully to assist with your recovery.

It is likely that other variants of this virus will come into our communities, so be proactive  please, get your vaccinations asap.

Medical support from your GP can be accessed through telephone now in most Australian towns.

Be kind to yourself and your family allowing time to recover because some people take longer than others to regain their health.

If you need someone to talk to besides a trusted friend, call me at 0419568043 or email

I emphasise the conversation is of a general nature and not intended to be professional medical advice or mental health consultation. I do not do therapy or counselling, however, I can help you with useful everyday strategies to transform your life based on your specific situation.

It will be judgement free and confidential.

We live in challenging and uncertain times and need new strategies to cope with an ever-changing world.

Let me help you navigate it.