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Focus is critical for results

focus is important
focus is critical

Focus is critical for results, why?

Attention is concentrated by focus and allows us to avoid distractions which are numerous these days, e.g. social media, TV and streaming services.
Distractions divert us from achieving our goals and includes procrastination, too many choices, unclear goals and delaying taking action.
These distractions can dilute our resources and delay achieving the results we want however if we are focused we can bring ourselves back on track.

Too many choices or unclear goals can prevent or delay taking action as uncertainty gets in the way of moving towards our goals, so it is important to be clear and specific on them.

It may help to write them down in black and white on paper and consider each one for importance and a compelling reason to do it. Give each one a score out of ten where 7-10 is important and anything less than 7 is to be put aside for later. Now prioritise the remaining goals and tackle the most important one first.

Focus is necessary to help us solve problems and make informed decisions. Larger goals can be broken down into smaller more manageable tasks.

Focus becomes even more important now as your why is driving you through to completion as you gain momentum. Little steps every day will find you achieving your goals.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit ~ Will Durant
If you find distractions are keeping you from achieving your goals, examine your why and if that doesn’t work , perhaps a discussion with a life coach can help you get back on track.

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Your Best Year Ever

Your Best Year Ever

Click on the link  above here to see the video

Choosing to have Your Best Year Ever is a choice you can make.
It begins with a change or shift in mindset.
What do you really want?
How important is it to you?
Do you have a big audacious reason why you want it?
Is there anything stopping you or getting in the way?
What are you prepared to do to achieve it ?
When will you know you have it?
What will you see, hear, feel and tell yourself when you have it?
Are you ready to begin?
Is it in your power or control to make it happen?
Imagine what it will be like when it is completed.

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Leave a comment if you have had any experiences with achieving your goals  or not.