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Is the Scarcity mentality holding you back?

Abundance mentality is more resourceful than scarcity
Is the Scarcity mentality holding you back?

Is the Scarcity mentality holding you back?

Much of our modern society seems to be built on a scarcity mentality. It’s a mentality that tells people there is a lack in life, or that they somehow feel not good enough as they are and that opportunities are few and far between. This is of course useful for marketing and advertisers because when people believe there is alack or shortage, then they will buy stuff; thus the economy and socity can continue to thrive and prosper.
On a personal level this scarcity mentality can be quite painful for the individual and create a lot of unnecessary fear,anxiety and desperation.
An abundance mentality or a sense of being enough on the other hand, can tell us and allow us to feel that there are always new opportunities and choices. When we are at peace, calm and grounded, centred and present, we instinctively know there is a higher self acting or we are in a higher vibration. We are I believe energy beings in a physical body.
There is a wholeness, a feeling of wellbeing, a connection between love and noticing joy, a pureness of heart and our deepest expression of self that lies within us is a gift.
WE can all master this abundant transformation by adopting a purity of soul intent(spirit) when we regain eternal trust in soul love (consciousness). When your soul is ready the source choose you.
The limitations of the past seem to melt away and new possibilities expand into our consciousness.
The path to being enough and thinking abundantly passes through acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude.
Let’s explore those now.
Involves being at one with the universe, whatever you perceive that to mean. Once you acknowledge this and accept everything that happens initially both bad and good, allowing yourself to choose your response on how you want it to be and what it means for you. This does not mean you have no boundaries or have things you will no longer tolerate. This is 101 problem solving or resolving new challenges for yourself.
Involves giving yourself permission to acknowledge what’s happened and then move forward, releasing yourself from past negative emotions to be present and open your heart space to new experiences. Being present is the space where you can have the most influence on what is going on in your life and choosing how you want it to be. It is an active process where you develop the muscle… the new neurological connections or pathways. We now know our brain is plastic and can create new pathways when it is damaged in some way. It’s about controlling your emotional state or your emotional wellbeing. One of the most powerful tools to use when we need to shift or change our emotional state is to control our physiology and it’s only a breath away. Controlling our breath allows us to respond more wisely and productively to life’s challenges.
It involves taking a deep breath and holding it for the count of five and releasing it along with what is bugging you or giving you grief. If we do this, that is let out a sigh when we breathe out, then it helps us to relax and can be a useful part of a meditation process to still the “monkey mind”.
For example if you are about to lose it… you know what I mean… you can say STOP ( inside your head) and then you take a deep breath ( and another)… you sigh as you let it go as you feel the pause or the break in the action, create space to… walk it off, manage your state( positive self-talk) and choose the response that you want.
See it, hear it, feel it and notice what you are telling yourself. Notice how it is now different. Feel the change, celebrate it and now live it.
Involves appreciating ourselves and others around us. It is one of the greatest compliments you can give to someone to say you appreciate them for “X”.
In conclusion an abundance mentality or believing you are enough can help improve your performance since with it, you’re always looking for opportunities to create and avoiding or reducing the pressure and anxieties within your own mind which comes from you know what… yes an attitude of lack…
Finally focus not on lack however focus on abundance which will dispel the myth and help build self-confidence.

Know that you have everything you need inside you now and that you are enough just as you are.

if you need some help embracing abundance, finding gratitude, forgiving yourself or accepting where you are at, give me a call, Colin 0419 568 043.