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Mind Your language and Your Self Talk

Meditation can clear your mind
Meditation can clear the mind

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Watching your language is important because how we think and talk to ourselves

and others determines our communications and the messages we send and receive.

Keeping your language positive means it will be more resourceful and allow your brain

to act upon it more readily.

Our inclination to use negative language often is because of our programming or conditioning

in our early childhood.  It is not  always helpful and is likely to limit your thinking and your results.

Be aware of this and stop doing it .

Remember what you focus on is what you get.

Whatever you give attention to will expand.

Meditation is useful to clear your mind if it gets to busy or overloaded.

A regular routine of work, exercise and sleep are good habits to establish to regulate your day and night.

Avoid bright lights and stimulation just before bed as it adversely affects your melatonin production and quality of sleep.

This means watch and limit your TV, pc,electronic games and smart phone activities prior to going to bed.

What tips do you use  to stay focused get a good nights sleep I wonder?
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Learning Wisdom

Learning wisdom


Ninja Bear ” I’m very discouraged Master, what can I do?”
“Encourage others” Ninja Bear
“I’m not sure how to run a business Master, how can I overcome this problem?”
“Teach others how to you must, Ninja Bear, then you will know”

“The way forward is unclear Master, how can I know the path?”

“Examine you heart Ninja Bear, find  and practice gratitude daily.

“What else do I need to do Master?

“Be mindful and meditate daily Ninja Bear, you must!”

“Find and  model someone who has done what you want to do!”

“If you do this , then your mind will be still enough to find the answers  you seek and then you’ll be learning wisdom. ”

“Thank you Master”