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Finding purpose and meaning

Finding purpose and meaning in life is one of life’s greatest challenges we all face and it’s important because it gives us drive and reasons to get out of bed in the mornings.

We achieve more if we have a goal or a plan to work towards.


life is a challenge
How will you respond?

A plan helps us to focus and bring other skills and experience to bear on what we are trying to do.

It helps to have it down in black and white to as a specific goal to achieve.

It may need a change in how we view the situation or how we might achieve that goal. We may even need to change the reason why we want that goal.

If we are not achieving that goal whatever it is, maybe it’s time to reassess the reasons why you want it and change it to a more compelling reason.

The meaning we want it (whatever the goal is) can change depending on what we attach to it, so it is possible to change the meaning and get a faster outcome or goal.

So focus and intention is important to keeping our purpose in view because our resources are sometimes limited and need to be used effectively.

Now if the goal is too big, break it down to several smaller achievable goals so you get some feedback and confidence and a sense of achievement along the way.

Is any of this making sense to you?

Enough rambling from me.

Takeaway message is…anytime you can change the purpose and meaning to what you want by changing your thinking so what you tell yourself is important. The actions you take are even more critical to achieving your goal.

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What’s been your experience with achieving your goals?