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What You Focus on is What You Get!


Get-focused-on- What-You-Want
Focus on What You Want

How many times have you seen or heard this said?  “What you focus on is what you get?’Countless, and I’ve heard it many times in my life coaching business.

So why look into it further?

It goes like this, in your brain is a part called the reticular activating system (RAS). It likes to search through and filter all the data or information that comes into you via your senses. That is what you see, hear , feel, taste and smell and any other senses you use or notice. How important is it to know this? Very , because all the information we receive is either , deleted as not being relevant, distorted to fit into what we already know or have experienced or it is generalised as being something we have seen, recognise or relate to in our past experiences. how does this help us? It allows us to manage the vast amount of data coming into our brains to avoid overwhelm.

So how can we make the best use of our RAS?

What you focus it on or what you give attention to will grow , so choose wisely!

If something that you give attention to is not helping you or is limiting you , perhaps it is time to let them go! Are they part of your beliefs or your values? If not, let them go.

As you move towards your goals or outcome for 2014 keep this in mind –

energy flows where your attention goes!

If you are looking for more information to steer you in the right direction , check out this post

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Remember what you focus on is what you get!