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How to have better relationships

better relationship are possible when you look forsolutions
Better relationships are a choice

Want a better relationship?

Relationship on the rocks and everyday conversations are a struggle? 

  • Everyday is a constant hassle, fighting over money, whose right or wrong and respect is well, lacking.
  • Time together is exhausting.
  • You may feel like negativity is just under the surface and your communication is not getting through.
    You may be stuck in an addiction, or in some destructive emotional behaviour.

Focusing on “problem” only gives you more problem! Looking beyond problem is where the gold is.

If you want better relationships you do have to work at keeping them healthy and growing

Here are some tips to get moving again into a more healthy relationship

  • Firstly find a suitable time and space when your partner is most receptive, sit down with them ,without distractions and listen to them.
  • Find out what is going on.
  • Sometimes it’s about listening and not trying to “fix” it.
  • Sometimes people just want to be heard.
    • You cannot get out of a “stuck” state or unhealthy relationship  by using the same thinking that got you “stuck” in the first place. So you need to change your way of thinking or your mindset.
    • The first thing to do is to accept that the past is exactly that, gone finished and not able to change. This brings you to the present where you can change your thinking, your choices and your actions. The present is where you can change the meaning you give to those events and release you to get on with your life and improving your relationships.
  • To do this you will need to focus on what you want and the reasons you want it.

Look for solutions that suit both parties and you can have better relationships.

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