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Begin now – a journey begins with one step

Begin your journey now, why wait and what are you waiting for?
Begin now where ever you are at

What does this saying mean?
To me it means begin now with what you have and where you are right now, build or create what you want. Begin now with your thoughts and vision, and build onto them your emotional attachment in line with your beliefs and values.
All our decisions are emotionally based and that’s why this step is important.
Sometimes we are afraid to start or we think it’s not ready or something gets in the way to hold up this process. What if it does not work?
On the flip side… what if it does work… are you prepared for that?
Finding the reason or the purpose behind your choices is important too because once you get going on a project the momentum is sustained in line with your purpose if it’s strong enough.

So how do you test that or discover what will carry you through the challenges.
My approach is to give my thought a rating of 1-10 with ten being highest priority… it’s really important to me. Now one can tackle your challenges from the highest priorities, doing the important stuff first and then onto lessor important jobs or issues.
Having begun now on your quest or creation it is important to check in periodically to see if you are still on track. Is what you are doing moving you closer to your goals or outcome or is it getting in the way? Only you can decide this and choose to change course accordingly.
Celebrate your wins along the way, the milestones you have reached because they are your success points. Anchor them by returning frequently to reflect on your successes.
This point is a good time to check whether you continue on this path or change tack as you do when sailing to get to your destination. Yes the winds may change , however you have the rudder and you can change the sails to get more or less speed out of the prevailing conditions.
The important message is …it’s still your choice and your destination. How you get there is your choice too.
If you need some help with that, which is what life coaches do best , give me a call 0419 568 043