Testimonials from satisfied clients

This is a cross section of testimonials from  satisfied clients of Life Coaching Adelaide and Colin Slater who have found the courage to overcome major and minor issues in their lives and are now more at peace and more at ease with themselves.

The “baggage” they were carrying sometimes not even their own doing has been removed and they now travel much lighter in the knowledge that they can and are more than they first thought or believed was possible. What a fantastic result and that’s one of the major reasons I do this work ….love it, love it. 

Colin l wanted to say thank you for all the support and help you extended to me earlier this year when I was going through my health issues.

I have to say I came to you as a last resort I didn’t really believe that there was anything you could do but I was so beside myself that I was willing to try anything.

To my pleasant surprise the day after my first appointment with you I was in the road to recovery I honestly couldn’t believe the difference it had made to the eating disorder that had me down on my knees.

The activities, words, support encouragement you showed me, had me eating & drinking within a short space of time.

I would recommend you to anyone that is going through a challenging time in their life.

It has been over 7 months now and your techniques still have the capacity to help me.

So thank you

Teresa Loprete, Adelaide,SA


“I was very pleased to meet Colin. His approach to my issues was very unique and he is very approachable. He emphasised to me the importance of forgetting the past because it steals the future. He also explained to me methods that I can use in the future to tackle any challenges that I might come across.

I approached Colin with a depressed outlook on my future but after attending a number of sessions with him and listening to his tips and advice, I can say that I am on a more solid ground and I can tell that I have a bright future.”


Sam Al-Khalfa, Mawson Lakes, SA


I achieved much out of the coaching sessions with Colin because he listened to my goals and challenges and provided me with the necessary steps to overcome the concerns and to focus on my personal and professional goals. As I was heading into new territory Colin was able to instil confidence and provide direction through simple models that made a lot of sense.
Colin was always attentive to the fact that the sessions were confidential and he provided me with significant other resources to follow through in between my sessions. I would recommend Colin as someone who has your interest and future at heart.

Garry Putland, Director   Savvy Thinking, Adelaide, SA

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Colin. Through a combination of effective listening, questioning and honest challenging, Colin’s approach helped me to re-focus and identify commitments to aspects of my life and the actions I am taking, or not taking, in those areas.
He was able also able to give some simple and practical exercises to engage in between sessions which I found very useful in terms of both preparation for the sessions and to make me think more broadly about some of the issues I wished to address.

Paul Francis, Adelaide, SA

My coaching experience with Colin was unforgettable! He was very warm and compassionate and I learnt so much about myself in our sessions together.
The confidence he inspired in me to stick to my goals and push through my limiting beliefs was outstanding.
After nine sessions with him I can’t ever see myself looking back.
If you ever want to better yourself and live the life you truly love then Colin is the man for you!

Tara Rourke, Coach ACT

I am glad I chose Colin as my personal coach. During our sessions together we developed a close relationship, in which Colin really inspired me to reach for what was true to me, in my heart of hearts, it was an experience I had not had in a long time. I would highly recommend Colin to anyone looking to uncover what may be stopping them from living a truly fulfilled life. Thank you Colin!

Richard Berry- The Gap , Brisbane, QLD

Coach Colin

If you find these testimonials from satisfied clients catch your interest and resonate with you and you would like to be like one of these people in overcoming those issues

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