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You are not Broken or Damaged


You are not broken
The choice is yours to make

I get a little concerned when I hear people say they are broken or they need fixing or they are “damaged”.

Yes they may had had some traumatic experiences which have shaken them to the very core or challenged their important beliefs or values. Yet everything that has ever happened to them, influences who they are and how they have developed their personality,  since they were a child.  now as an adult , they have a choice to choose what those and any event means to them in their world or “map”.

Those beliefs may be resourceful or they may be limiting or holding you back from achieving the results or outcome you want.

I do not believe that people are broken, they maybe disconnected or confused about which direction to go next, or what’s important in their lives., or that they can trust their inner wisdom or strength. In fact I believe people have everything they need inside them right now, they just have to find ways to reconnect to it, or talk with someone who can, like a life coach.

How do you do this you ask?

Firstly by self awareness, by meditation and listening to the quiet voice in your subconscious mind that knows best. Quieten the chatter of everyday life and give your self time to listen and just be yourself. Once you have that under control, I’d like you to consider this one.

I’d  like to put up a model I’ve seen recently from an NLP coach.


What this means is that everything that happens to us and the response or meaning we give it, determines the outcome or the result that we get. If we examine our responses and meaning we give to the events in our lives, choosing those which move us towards our goals or outcomes, puts us in a better position of influence and control of your life.

Wouldn’t you rather be in a position where you ask yourself “How can I learn from this experience?”

“What’s the lesson here?” as traumatic or as dramatic as whatever is going on in your life, look for ways to move forward to beyond the event. you have more choices than you may at first think you have.

Some of these concepts may be new to you and you may not grasp them yet . Give it time  and try it out , I’m curious what you find.

Let me know if this information has helped you.

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